Ngayuku ngunytjuku ngura by Imitjala Curley

Details of Ngayuku ngunytjuku ngura

Ngayuku ngunytjuku ngura by Imitjala Curley
Catalog Number : 837026
Size : 200cm x 153cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Ngayuku ngunytjuku ngura
Imitjala Curley is closely connected with Walytjitjata as it is her mother, Puni Puni's country – Ngayuku ngunytjuku ngura. It is a small homeland just over the Northern Territory border about 46km north of Kalka.
Imitjala has said – “Tjitji tjuta – many children” are depicted in this story
This is part of the Minyma kututja Story of Walytjitjata. Diana James recorded this story in the Kaltjiti Arts Book, Painting the Song;
The Minyma Kututja and her husband had many children.
'They travelled to Umutju (east of Walytjitjata). The oldest boy Wantama was homesick for their birth place,Kanpini, near Waltjitjata. They told their mother, "We're going back home with our brother." the mother sang a song to send them away. At Umutju they turned into stone and are still there today. She has painted the PITI'S - the wooden bowls used to carry the food they ate; the kampurarpa - desert raisens.