Mamungarinyi by Pollyanne Smith Tjungkaya

Details of Mamungarinyi

Catalog Number : 837022
Size : 152cm x 100cm
Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
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About Mamungarinyi
POLLYANNE paints her mothers country west of Kaltjiti and south of Watarru. She has painted the Women's camp. As Manyitjanu, her Aunty, describes the country. The place Mamungarinya is a long way away. It is over the other side of the sand dunes past Tipilnga. The place where many white trees are growing, many white marble gums. The place where women came turned into the white marble gums on the sand dune south of Watarru; this is a tjukurpa story. So this is Mamungarinya where lots of little gum saplings and emu bush grow. This is a place of claypans. This is a women's site south west of Watarru.

At this place where many marble gums grow and there are many sand dunes. and lying here amongst the white marble gums is a large pool of beautiful fresh water. Like a clay pan after the rain, the deep hole is filled with healing water after the rain.