Carving - Jarrangini (buffalo) by Jimmy Mungatopi

Details of Carving - Jarrangini (buffalo)

Carving - Jarrangini (buffalo) by Jimmy Mungatopi
Catalog Number : 836623
Size : 48cm x 6cm x 6cm
Medium : Natural Earth Pigment On Wood
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About Carving - Jarrangini (buffalo)
The jarrangini (buffalo) was introduced to the Tiwi Islands by the British at the turn of the 1800's. The bRitish established a trading post known as Fort Dundas in 1824 which only lasted four or five years. The timorese Buffalo was introduced as a source of milk and food for the colonisers. Long after the British colonists left, the jarrangini still inhabits Melville Islands. It is a food source for the Tiwi people