Desert Water Dreaming by Alison Anderson

Details of Desert Water Dreaming

Desert Water Dreaming by Alison Anderson
Catalog Number : 836476
Size : 120cm x 90cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Desert Water Dreaming
"Desert Water Dreaming." The imagery: the central divided-line icon represents the two great water sites of Mikanji and Kalipinypa talking to each other, and also serves as a sign of the potency and force of desert religion. The roundels on the periphery of the painting are the lesser water sites, and the arcs surrounding them in turn are their custodians singing their songs. The wavy lines depict the seasonal flow of water, and the various voids and sweeping patterned lines in the work both trace out particular landscape elements and indicate the ritual power of the song narratives linked to this region of the desert.