Yumari by Pepai Jangala Carroll

Details of Yumari

Catalog Number : 835429
Size : 122cm x 182cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Yumari
Yumari literally means mother in law in Luritja, the language of Pepai's father. A site named Yumari is located west of Walungurru or Kintore (NT) and east of Kiwirrkurra (WA). Pepai visited this site for the first time on a recent trip back to his custodial country in April 2017, having left this region as a 19 year old after his parents passed away. Pepai has spent the last 40 years living and working in Ernabella. On the trip he travelled with fellow Ernabella artist Derek Jungarrayi Thompson to visit sites between Kintore, Kiwirrkura and Lake Mackay (Wilkinkarra).

I went to that place Kiwirrkurra and I was returning and we came half way to see my father’s country, to see my father’s and grandmother’s country and the big rock hole, it’s really long. I was looking at it and after seeing it I thought, "Well, I might paint this one.” The name of the place is Yumari. That place Yumari. I’m painting that one now.

This striking recent work (and among others created since April 2017) unknowingly bears iconography similar to that used by senior Pintupi men before him to identify Yumari, namely the late Uta Uta Tjangala. The palette used in the work is inspired by the colour of the immense salt lake at Wilkinkarra, a site of great significance, which Pepai also visited on the trip.