Wati Kuniya by Byron Brooks

Details of Wati Kuniya

Wati Kuniya by Byron Brooks
Catalog Number : 834882
Size : 197cm x 139cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Wati Kuniya
Nyangatj Wati Kuniyaku ngura Tulu ka Tjukurpa nyanga paluru mitika ngalkuni ngura tjuta palaru tjarpanyi ka kutjapa ngura kutjara ini Kampanya ka tjukurpa Wati Kutjara mulyamaru munu tingka ngurini Wati Kuniya ka ngura kutjapa Pulitja munu Kulypuruka Wati Tjutaku Tjukurpa nyii nyiiku ka ngura kutjupa Tjuntala munu Piripi.

This painting is showing the Python Man who travelled this country creating stories and land marks. He would eat the burrowing betong by entering the holes in the ground. The main site for this story is called Tulu. Other sites shown here include Kanpanya a site for the Two Men, the sand monitor man and the sand goanna man who were searching for the Python Man. Also shown is Pulitja and Kulypuruka a site of the Zebra Finch Men also two others here are called Tjuntala and Piripi.