Wait Piti Kutjara by Kathleen (Kanta) Donnegan

Details of Wait Piti Kutjara

Wait Piti Kutjara by Kathleen (Kanta) Donnegan
Catalog Number : 834879
Size : 110cm x 85cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Wait Piti Kutjara
Kanta was born in the country around Kapi Piti Kutjara (Two Rockholes) where the important Wati Kutjara (Two Men) Tjukurpa begins. Wati Kutjara is one of the primary Spinifex songlines and travels across a huge tract of the Spinifex land area. This site is where the Wati Kutjara (Two Men) emerged on their initiation journey to Pukara. The two serpent men are featured on the edge of the painting. Kathleen has also painted the country at Tjintilkara, Karnka, Unpurn and Tjawar which are all associated with the Minyma Tjuta (Seven Sisters) story. Although the Wati Kutjara story is primarily a story belonging to men, Kathleen was born at this site and thus is the current senior owner of this place where the story begins.