Untitled by Jakayu Biljabu

Details of Untitled

Untitled by Jakayu Biljabu
Catalog Number : 834063
Size : 61cm x 61cm
Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
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About Untitled
This painter primarily paints her country around the Canning Stock Route. In the Pujiman time (Bush days) the artist travelled with her family through the land collecting wiylki (seeds) just as the Minyi Puru (Seven Sisters) did in the Jukurrpa (Dreamtime). Now they collect grass for baskets as well, Puntayarra and Minarri are two of the names for grasses that the artists use to make baskets. Some of the special places the grasses grow in the artist’s country are Wangkakarlu, Turngul,Matilirri, Wantili, Nyilangkurr and Warrki.