Paltatatjara by Estelle Inyika Hogan

Details of Paltatatjara

Paltatatjara by Estelle Inyika Hogan
Catalog Number : 833925
Size : 137cm x 90cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Paltatatjara
Estelle is a senior Spinifex artist whose country is Paltatatjara. Paltatatjara is an important place not only for the Minyma Tjuta (Seven Sisters) story but also a number of other Dreaming stories that cannot be elaborated in detail but include the Wati Kutjara (Two Serpen Men) and Kalaya (Emu) story. Because Estelle is the senior owner of a place that has special significance for both men and women, documentation and detail of the paintings is carefully defined and public interpretation involves a level of 'assumed' knowledge. The Kungkarangkalpa or Minyma Tjuta (Seven Sisters) Tjukurpa is an epic story, which crosses much of the Western Desert. Here in the pursuit of the sisters Wati Nyiiru, the cheeky old man has tracked the sisters across country seeking a wife. As the sisters were camped at Torlu they were collecting mai (seed food and fruit collected when dry) from the ngalta tree. Nyiiru disguised himself as this tree and when his opportunity arose he hit Kampukurtja, the older sister and chased the other sisters away. The sisters distraught called out to their sister who broke away and rejoined them.