Lingka by Simon Hogan

Details of Lingka

Lingka by Simon Hogan
Catalog Number : 833914
Size : 137cm x 90cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Lingka
Simon Hogan is a senior Spinifex Artist and has impeccable knowledge of his country. He has depicted several significant sites, all associated with water as the life source in an arid environment and is usually culturally guarded by a Wanampi (Magical Water Serpent). Simon has cultural and paternal authority to paint and speak for the sites depicted. In this painting Simon has grouped the key sites together with Lingkanya being the main and largest of the water sources and it is here where the Walawaru Tjukurpa (Wedge Tail Eagle Creation Line) is held and tells how the Wati Walawaru (Eagle Man) took a wife back to Lingka only to have her escape into the surrounding country. He was left searching for her from above trace her footprints to no avail.