Makurapiti by Patju Presley Stanley

Details of Makurapiti

Makurapiti by Patju Presley Stanley
Catalog Number : 833910
Size : 110cm x 85cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Makurapiti
"Nyangataja Tjukurpa pulka ngura Makurapiti ka ngura miilmiilpa pulka".

"Makurapiti is a very sacred and powerful place alive with ancestral beings and the narratives which accompany them".

Patju has painted the significant site of Makurapiti, which lies to the north beyond Spinifex country on the way to Pipalyatjara. This country was formed by the ancestral beings in human forms of men, women and children and animal spirit people including papa inura (wild dog) The Dingo Tjukurpa is extremely sacred and wile it plays a significant role in the spiritual landscape in country to the north of Spinifex Lands around Irrunytju it is rarely spoken about openly.

There is water here underground. Traditionally Anangu would dig the sand to expose the water lying just beneath the surface. Tjanpi (local grasses like Spinifex) would be placed on top of the water to filter and clean the water for drinking.

Apu pulka- large rocky hills divide this place from the Minyama Kutjara Tjukurpa which travels on the other side of the range.

Patju spent his early years living nomadically in this country with his family and holds a wealth of traditional knowledge.