Cowboy Story by Jimmy Pompey

Details of Cowboy Story

Cowboy Story by Jimmy Pompey
Catalog Number : 833821
Size : 36cm x 51cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Cowboy Story
As a young man, Jimmy Pompey worked as a stockman on many remote desert-based cattle stations throughout. Jimmy worked across the lands; mustering herds of cattle and brumby's on horseback across the vast desert landscape to reach watering stations and cattle yards.

Now retired from a rich career as a stockman, Jimmy continues to enjoy recouting his time working the lands on horse back. Jimmy reflects on the old days as a time of comradery between indigenous stockmen, and he recalls the beauty of the rugged landscape within his paintings.

Country music is also a large influence on Jimmy's art practise. He performed covers of famous country and gospel musicians for many years throughout South Australia with his wife. He still likes to play guitar in the studio, and often incorporates country singers and festivals within his paintings.