Antara by Ngupulya Pumani

Details of Antara

Antara by Ngupulya Pumani
Catalog Number : 833749
Size : 198cm x 121cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Antara
Ngupulya Pumani paints Antara, an extremely important site for Ngupulya and her family. Antara is Ngupulya’s mother’s country. This place, and its significant Maku (witchery grub) Tjukurpa were a constant in the paintings of the late Milatjari Pumani. Today Ngupulya and her younger sister Betty Kuntiwa Pumani are proud custodians of this country; they map its significance and hold its stories strong in their paintings of Antara.

"Antara is my mother's country. She taught me the stories, and showed me the places, like one special rock hole where women would have inma (ceremony). Now I remember her when I paint Antara."

Antara is a sacred place for Anangu. It holds many tjukurpa (songlines) stories that cross this land. This painting depicts this special place. Antara has a very important rock hole where the women would perform inmaku pakani, a dance ceremony that would create enough maku for everyone. The painting also depicts the landscape which is surrounded with rocks, rock holes, creeks and mountains.