Jalinyi by Sebastian Arrow

Details of Jalinyi

Jalinyi by Sebastian Arrow
Catalog Number : 833656
Size : 13.5cm x 10cm
Medium : Ochre Carving On Pearlshell
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About Jalinyi
This is a hybridised design incorporating the Ngyul Ngyul (symbolic fish) which comes from the etched boomerang from Norman Creek near Beagle Bay. The patterned design on the left of the shell records Sebastian's interpretation of the ocean floor in the Lacepede channel. The small dots represent the pearl shells (guarn) on the bands of reef that traverse the channel. This theme is explored in a variety of design, style and subject variations in accordance with Sebastian's intention at the time. Aubrey Tigan handed down his knowledge and shell designs to Sebastian before his death in 2013.