Minyma Tjuta by Elaine Wanatjura Lane

Details of Minyma Tjuta

Minyma Tjuta by Elaine Wanatjura Lane
Catalog Number : 833609
Size : 91cm x 91cm
Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
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About Minyma Tjuta
Minyma at Walytjatjara, north of Kalka. They are collecting Kambrabra (bush tomato), grinding it and making damper from it (no flour). After they go home to their wiltja (shelter) and there is a man there. One lady gives him the Kambrabra and he hides it behind his back. Another gives him some and he also hides it behind his back so he can get more from them. Eventually the oldest sister brings some out and he grabs her and takes her away. They travel a long way and they are married.