The Kalinpinypa circle: My Design by Alison Anderson

Details of The Kalinpinypa circle: My Design

The Kalinpinypa circle: My Design by Alison Anderson
Catalog Number : 833459
Size : 122cm x 92cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About The Kalinpinypa circle: My Design
“This painting sets the context for the series. It is the Kalipinypa emblem, or flag. Kalipinypa is a waterhole, a rockhole, in the western desert, in open landscape, far to the north-west of Papunya. This design is the Kalipinypa body paint for women, when we get up and perform the dance. Every water and rain dreaming site has its own special emblem, or flag: this is the one for Kalipinypa. Four skin-groups have the right to use this flag. Just as in Europe, where every nation has its own flag to identify it, a symbol to represent them, so it is with us. It’s very important we identify a pattern with a place. We have to go beyond just saying this is a rain design, or this is a dance that we’re dancing: we have to say - this is the song, dance and flag or emblem for this particular country, and for nowhere else. Every place has its song, dance and flag. It’s only by keeping this truth in the forefront of our thoughts that we will preserve our culture. Images can’t be transferred. There’s never a rain dreaming song or symbol that’s not tied to a place.”