Plenty Rain, Bush North of Alherramp by Grace Kemarre Robinya

Details of Plenty Rain, Bush North of Alherramp

Plenty Rain, Bush North of Alherramp by Grace Kemarre Robinya
Catalog Number : 833364
Size : 90cm x 177cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Plenty Rain, Bush North of Alherramp
Robinya’s painting documents the region north of Alherramp [Laramba Community], several hundred kilometres north of Alice Springs. This is an important region for Robinya and her family, and she demonstrates a keen eye for detail in her work. Robinya notes people driving on the track from the Stuart Highway. Rains have briefly fill creeks and dry water courses. She explains, pointing to the left hand side of her painting, where she depicts Ingallan Spring, ‘Water comes out here from rocks, northside’.
Robinya points to the hills, known as Anmatjira Range or Angwe Nyemp Arempey, behind the spring, ‘Hills there, the water comes out... from the rocks there, when plenty rains. This one, no lake there - nothing - no big waterhole – him just flow. People from town [Alice Springs], they all come to that water, when it flows. See all their cars? No road, just track!’ indicating the line of vehicles travelling from the east, right to left across the foreground of her painting. ’All different vehicles come on this track, here, for picnic. And there’s biggest mob of bush flowers, flowers everywhere. When there’s plenty rain, it’s like this. North of Laramba...’
Robinya continues, ‘There no fence there, north side in those hills. Helicopters, motor bikes, all looking for cattle. I know Napperby helicopters – that black one, that white one – Roy Chisholm and his son. Don’t know other ones. No station here, no fence – just bush! Might be all the cattle get all mix up - go wild? There’s no cattle this side’, Robinya indicates the foreground of her painting: the south side of the track and the watercourse. ‘They been put some fence in other side, Napperby side, down here [foreground]. Might be they got to round up and put them inside him, inside that fence.’