Station Days by Grace Kemarre Robinya

Details of Station Days

Station Days by Grace Kemarre Robinya
Catalog Number : 833343
Size : 75cm x 118.5cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Station Days
Robinya’s painting explores changes in life in the region around Mamp and Arrwek [Coniston Station] and Alherramp [now Laramba Community], 200 kilometres north of Alice Springs, since the mid-1950s. Robinya notes people shifting to Laramba Community from their old camps located near Napperby Station homestead. She reflects on those times when men worked as stockmen and ringers, and women and children worked as domestics, first for rations, then for stores. She contrasts those times with today where helicopters, motorbikes, quad bikes, and 4WDs dominate mustering.

The lower portion of the painting refers to Mamp and Arrwek on Coniston Station, when Grace Robinya was newly married (in the mid-1950s). Robinya explains: 'This here olden times – Coniston Station. I’m young one. Everyone lived there... my cousins, all the old ones, live in humpy, all family together. Biggest mob! But then those old men, they finish up! They get sick, and they pass away, and then everyone get sick and pass away, and nobody living there. Now Coniston just horses and donkeys and camel, but no people – no Aboriginal people living there.’

‘Here [in the lower middle portion of the painting], they move across the creek here... they all move across from humpy to proper houses at Alherramp [Laramba Community]. My husband was stockman those days. I worked in the house,’ at Napperby, run by the Chisholm Family.’

‘At Laramba now, that Roy Chisholm, he got two helicopters, a black one and a white one [at the top of the painting]. One for his son, and one for him. Mustering time, he goes up in helicopters... and that red one, must be contractor.’