Kwatye - Rockholes by Marlene Wheeler

Details of Kwatye - Rockholes

Kwatye - Rockholes by Marlene Wheeler
Catalog Number : 833221
Size : 92cm x 122.2cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Kwatye - Rockholes
This painting is about rockholes- water is there inside. The kwatye is still running to family at Undandita, out at Ntaria (Hermannsburg region). That's my country. I grew up there.

Marlene grew up on here father's father's country Undanita, west of Gosses's Bluff, where the family had a small farm. As a child Marlene travelled back and forth across the country between Undandita, now abandoned and Ntaria to attend Hermannsburg Mission school. She grew up to know and love all the small rockholes, creeks, swamps and waterways between the two places and remembers them well today.