Red Butte, Texas Country by Beryline Mung

Details of Red Butte, Texas Country

Red Butte, Texas Country by Beryline Mung
Catalog Number : 832485
Size : 60cm x 45cm
Medium : Natural Ochre And Pigments On Canvas
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About Red Butte, Texas Country
'There was a dream time story about my dad
When my dad was living with his girlfriend, she was an Aboriginal woman. It was before my dad met up with my mum. I was thinking how did my dad find this other girl in the past, maybe it was a good feeling they were living together. In the bush they would go hunting and fishing together, then one day my dad's girlfriend went missing. My dad was wondering where she might of went, she properly walked away but they couldn't ask the right question. She walked to Texas went straight across to Red Butte, that's were she lives alone in the square cave her name is Budbarriyal.'