Sodiereje by Jean-Mary Warrimou (Hujama)

Details of Sodiereje

Catalog Number : 832393
Size : 128cm x 64cm
Medium : Natural Pigments On Nioge (barkcloth)
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About Sodiereje
Rocks forming from volcanic materials at the headwaters of the Girua River (creation site of the first people, Mina & Suja).
Jean-Mary was on the highly sacred Mt. Omie, the first mountain, which forms part of the greater volcano Huvaimo or Mt Lamington. The mighty headwaters of the Girua River flow down from Mot. Omie. It is here that the first man and woman, Mina dn Suja, were created. At this site, a curious phenomenon occurs - new rocks form on the waterfall rockface and then again in the river, built up from the high concenration of minerals from the volcanic water. Using uehorero (her own wisdom) Jean-Mary was inspired to create this design - sodireje rock forming from minerals. The lines run through the work are known as orriseege or 'pathways' and provide a compositional framework for the design.