Garraparra by Manini Gumana

Details of Garraparra

Garraparra by Manini Gumana
Catalog Number : 828413
Size : 116cm x 53cm
Medium : Natural Earth Pigment On Bark
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About Garraparra
Madarrpa and Mangalili also paint the deeper saltwater - the Manurru as such. This sacred design shows the water of Djalma Bay chopped up by the blustery South Easterlies of the early Dry season.

From feshwater the waters migrate to Mungurru the mighty undifferentiated Yirritja saltwater ocean that plays at the horizon which receives and unifies all the Yirritja coastal saltwaters in one. It is from here that the water (soul) transmogrifies to vapour to enter the "pregnant" Wanupini (Wet Season storm clouds) which carry the life giving freshwater back to the start of the cycle.