Walunya by Andrew Mitchell

Details of Walunya

Walunya by Andrew Mitchell
Catalog Number : 826607
Size : 75cm x 60cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Walunya
Andrew Mitchell has painted his country of Walu. Walu is a very sacred place and the story cannot be fully spoken about. It involves a Kuniya (carpet python) who resides at Walu and a mother and child Wanampi (water serpents) who live in the creek that surrounds Walu.
This is a place with dangerous water snakes that live in the water hole and need to be calmed by the old people before entering this place. Andrew is a senior man with status and authority to enter such sites. Knowledge of water sources especially permanent rock holes are vital for survival in the desert landscape.
Andrew Mitchell is a regular painter with Papulankutja Artists at Blackstone community. He has done this painting with Spinifex Arts Project while in Tjuntjuntjara visiting family.