Kirriwirri by Daniel Walbidi

Details of Kirriwirri

Kirriwirri by Daniel Walbidi
Catalog Number : 788296
Size : 106cm x 106cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Kirriwirri
Daniel says: "Kirriwirri is my grandfather's and grandmother's country. That is where they brought up all of their kids. And where my Father was brought up. It is like their family home, their roots. There is a a big claypan at this place. It is an important place for our family. Our clan is also named Kirriwirri, and individual members of our clan are called Kirriwirri".

Kirriwirri is a jila (living water) near Well 33 on the Canning stock route in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia. Daniel's painting reflects the complex desert landscape full of life and colour. He depicts salt lakes (white areas) and all the talis (sand hills).this is the birth place of our families clan generation of my fathers clan have lived and have been brought up at this place. my father along with his older siblings have great connection with this place. we have great cultural and spiritual connection with kiriwirri. i havent seen this place but i feel very much connected because kiriwirri has been part of my up bringing through the childhood stories and experience of my father.