Anumara Tjukurpa Manta - Earth by Hector Tjupuru Burton

Details of Anumara Tjukurpa Manta - Earth

Anumara Tjukurpa Manta - Earth by Hector Tjupuru Burton
Catalog Number : 788146
Size : 122cm x 198cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Anumara Tjukurpa Manta - Earth
This painting tells the Creation Time story of the caterpillars 'anumara'. The anumara is a large edible caterpillar with a hook on it's tail. It is a story about kinship groups - represented by the North and the South. Hector is in one group - the south - (anumara) and his uncles, nephews and fathers in the other (North - the other caterpillars - muya muya and ngalyakanti, literally 'hard forehead'). All the caterpillars travelled from places in the north and the south, and all met up in one resting place (ngura). When the minyma (women) and tjitji (children) arrive, the women dance in the fire and give the man the ceremonial stick. This is a beautiful ceremony, which Hector went through, long ago.

This ceremony was not performed for a long time, until more recently, when men from Amata took part. It is important that these ceremonies are kept going.