Ngayuku ngura - My Country by Wawiriya Burton

Details of Ngayuku ngura - My Country

Ngayuku ngura - My Country by Wawiriya Burton
Catalog Number : 788058
Size : 152.5cm x 101cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Ngayuku ngura - My Country
In this painting Wawiriya has depicted her country. The different colours and designs represent variations in the landscape.

Tjala Arts is located at Amata Community, in the far northwest of South Australia. It is an Aboriginal owned and managed corporation that sells artwork on behalf of its members. Since its foundation in 1999 (originally as Minymaku Arts), Tjala Arts has concentrated on adapting traditional aboriginal symbols and designs to create contemporary abstract imagery. The centre provides an opportunity for the Anangu (Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal people) to develop skills in fine art and regional craft production. The art centre also plays a significant role in the well-being of the community and maintaining culture and law.