Yurrunul by Churchill Cann

Details of Yurrunul

Yurrunul by Churchill Cann
Catalog Number : 787654
Size : 80cm x 80cm
Medium : Natural Ochre And Pigments On Canvas
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About Yurrunul
Churchill Cann says, "That Yurrunul Country, Bull Creek in Yurrunul. That's the old dinner camp, where we used to muster cattle." Cann points right to the centre of the painting, "We had cattle camp right there. No fences, just bush. Right back to Killfoyle, cross the Ord river. Yard up there, Brennan Yard." "Snake (the rainbow serpent) went right through. Doing his business, when he was a man. He got sick and died at Nine Mile. When he died he came back as the snake. He was a special man before he was the snake. Good corroboree. When came back as a snake, making springs, making water all around. He go to the toilet. Thats how the spring got made. His young son bin take over when he died. He go out to the sea". (this happened off the coast near where Darwin is today).