My Country by Weaver Jack

Details of My Country

My Country by Weaver Jack
Catalog Number : 785928
Size : 60.5cm x 60cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About My Country
Weaver says "this is me, this is mine. The whole lot is me (she points to yellow t-shaped mark which depicts her and then across the surface of the painting). I bin walking all around, I know him proper way, he is always with me. We are same one, my country is me." She goes on to say: "this one show the people walking and sit down. Show walking tracks and talis (sand dunes) and jila (living water). The waterholes and warla (mudflats) and trees."

Weaver is a senior Yulparija law woman. Her country is in the Great Sandy Desert of W.A. close to the Percival Lakes.