Winpa by Lydia Balbal

Details of Winpa

Winpa by Lydia Balbal
Catalog Number : 785667
Size : 91cm x 60cm
Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
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About Winpa
Lydia says "I born this country. Got king brown snake and baby king brown and bush turkey and campi (bushfood). Near them rockholes. We been walk around here and hunt. Good hunting country this one."

Waterholes in this desert country are surrounded by tali (sand dunes) and warla (mudflats). Winpa is near the Percival Lakes in the Great Sandy Desert in W.A. Lydia walked all around this country with her family until the early 1970s when severe drought caused her people to walk out. They left their traditional country and headed to LeGrange Mission (now Bidyadanga Community) on the coast located two hours south of Broome.