Lungurung by Weaver Jack

Details of Lungurung

Lungurung by Weaver Jack
Catalog Number : 783253
Size : 90cm x 90cm
Medium : Acrylic On Linen
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About Lungurung
Weaver traditionally paints Lungarung, desert land, located south of Well 33 on the
Canning Stock Route in the Great Sandy Desert. It is her country, her place of birth. She
traveled around Lungarung as a young woman with her two mummies and her daddy,
walking through the tali (sand dunes) and collecting mayi (bush food). They did not wear
clothes at this time. In her country, there was plenty of warla (mud flats) and jila (living
water). There was also an abundance of junta (bush onion): Weaver says, 'We grind him
up and cook him, he is good mungarri (bush tucker).'
Weaver on her Lungarung works: 'This is me, this is mine, the whole lot is me,
(she points to the x mark in the painting). This is me. I bin walking all around. I know
him proper way, he is always here. (Weaver clasps her heart). We are same one. My
country is me. He long way that way, but he still here.'