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Tina Patlas began painting for Jilamara Arts and Craft Association in 2002. Although Tina’s traditional country spans areas of south west Melville Island and south east Bathurst Island (including Nguiu) she grew up mainly at Milikapiti. Tina currently works with Territory Housing in Milkapiti. She has held administrative positions at Jilamara and in 2003 was elected the Treasurer of the Jilamara Arts and Craft Association Executive Committee.
Tina has developed her own jilamara (designs) based on bush tucker found on the Tiwi Islands and she has a special interest in the parlini jilamara, the old stories handed down by her ancestors.

2017 Mamirnikiwi Jilamara, Short Street Gallery, Broome
2017 Ngini Parlingarri Amintiya Ningani, Nomad Art Gallery, Darwin
2017 Yirringinkiri Pwoja, Hilton Double Tree, Darwin
2011 Yingarti Jilamara – Marianne Newman Gallery, Sydney NSW
2006 Jilamara Tiwi, Soma Galleries, Adelaide.
2006 Yirrajirrima murrakupuni ngawurraningimarri, Tiwi Art Network, Darwin
2003 Let’s Keep Our Art Strong: Recent works from the Jilamara Artists, Raft Artspace, Darwin
2003 Alliance Française Gallery, Canberra 24 – 29 October in association with Chapman Gallery
2003 One Voice, Two Islands, Three Communities, Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2003 Kuturkuni Amintiya Tapulunni, RAFT Artspace, Darwin

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