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Matjangka Norris from Watinuma on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara/ Yankunytjatjara Lands, 350km SE of ULURU. Her main artform is painting. However, previously she excelled in the medium of batik. Examples can be found in the National Gallery of Victoria, South Australian Museum and Flinders University Collections.
Matjangka is an energetic, prolific and versatile artist. Her work features a range of subjects including the constellations, traditional country, bushfoods and mamu. Her versatility is evident in the range of styles she uses from her abstract seed paintings to those that show her creative and humorous personality and feature quirky imagery such as Mamu (spirit monsters). She is famous for dancing this inma which is humerous but also scares the children.
Until recently, Matjangka had a full time job is as a health worker at the Fregon clinic. Creating art is second nature to Matjangka and she has always been part of the Kaltjiti art centre with an artwork in progress. Her innate sense of creativity encompasses all mediums with the unique quality of a genuine artist.
Matjangka was born at Victory Downs Station, just on the Northern Territory border, north of Fregon. She moved to Ernabella with her family when she was a tjitji pulka (big girl) and went to the mission school. Matjangka and her family moved to Fregon where she finished her schooling. She has worked as a teacher at the Fregon school and in the Fregon store.

2017 - Winner - Telstra General Painting Award, NATSIAA, MAGNT, Darwin, NT


National Gallery of Victoria - Batik
South Australian Museum - Batik
Flinders University,SA - Batik
Artbank Collection – Painting


2018 April: Women’s paintings Paul Johnstone Gallery Darwin NT
2018 March: Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Fine Art, Brussels Belgium.
2018 March : Steadfast - Works from Kaltjiti Short Street Gallery Broome WA
2017 September : Desert Mob Show Araluen Galleries Alice Springs NT
2017 May Kaltjiti Artists -continuing Our Story.. Paul Johnstone gallery Darwin NT
2016 October Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, NSW. Nganamp Kililpi - Our Stars
2016 September Desert Mob Show Araluen Galleries Alice Springs NT
2016 August Telstra Art Awards exhibition MAGNT Darwin NT
2016 June RAFT Art Space Alice Springs NT a Song and a prayer for our friend
2016 May 18 Paul Johnstone Gallery KILILPI-TILI PULKA IRNYAN- Bright Shining Stars by the Artists of Kaltjiti 2015 May ReDot Fine Art Gallery Singapore.
2014 September Desert Mob Show Araluen Galleries Alice Springs NT
2014 September Desert Country Talapi Gallery Alice Springs NT
2014 May - Intersections - Kaltjiti Arts group show at Marshall Arts, Adelaide SA
2014 March: Eastern APY Art Centres Touring Group Exhibition Art Kelch Freiburg Germany
2013 December Summer Survey Show - Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne Victoria
2013 September: Kunmanara: Kaltjiti Arts - Paul Johnstone Gallery Darwin NT
2013 September: Desert Mob Show Alice Springs NT
2013 August: Kaltjiti Artists 2013 - Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi Melbourne Victoria
2013 July: ‘Australian Vision’ - NAIDOC 2013 ReDot Gallery Singapore
2013 May: KAltjiti Artists Marshall Art, Adelaide SA
2013 March: McCulloch & McCulloch, Melbourne
2012 October: A.P Bond Gallery, Adelaide
2012 September :Desert Mob 2012, Araluen Cultural Centre, Alice Springs NT
2012 September: CCAE, Darwin NT
2012 July: Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne Victoria
2011 September: Shalom Gamarada Ngiyani Yana, Sydney NSW
2011 August: Spirit of Country: Land and Life, Seymour College Exhibition, Adelaide SA
2010 September: Desert Mob Show Araluen Cultural Centre, Alice Springs NT
2010 August: Painters of Fregon - Raft Art Space Alice Springs NT
2008 November: SA Impressions-Etched intheSun. Print exhibition, Adelaide Festival Centre SA
2008 Across the desert: Aboriginal Batik from Central Australia. NGV Melbourne Victoria
2007 September: Spoleto Festival, Italy
2007 September, Desert Mob Show, Araluen Cultural Centre, Alice Springs
2007 May, APY Grandeur, Art Mob, Hobart, TAS
2006 December, Anangu Backyard Exhibiton, Adelaide Festival Centre
2005 Anangu Backyard: the art of bush foods, Flinders Medical Centre
2005 Desert Mob, Araluen Centre for the Arts, Alice Springs, NT
2004 Manta Atunymankunytja: Looking after Country, Flinders University Art Museum City Gallery, State Library of South Australia, Adelaide
2003 International Print Fair in conjunction with Basil Hall Editions, Melbourne
2003 Anangu Pitjantjatjara Arts, Arterial Gallery, Adelaide
2003 Mina Wala: Works from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara, Araluen Centre for the Arts, Alice Springs, NT
2002 Ku Art: Art of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara, Bundaberg Arts Centre
2000 Palupurunypa Palu Kutjupa: Same But Different, South Australian Touring Exhibitions Program, various venues in South Australia
2000 Desert Mob, Araluen Centre for the Arts, Alice Springs
1998 Desart Exhibition , Straight From the Heart, Tandanya/Fringe Festival, Adelaide, SA
1998 Desert Mob Show, Araluen Centre for the Arts, Alice Springs, NT
1998 June , ‘Kaltjiti Bizarre’ Mutitjulu Cultural Centre Ayers Rock NT
1998 August, ‘Same But Different’, NewLand Gallery, Adelaide, South Australian Country Arts Trust, SA
1998 Corkwood Festival, Alice Springs.
1998 October, Raiki Wara: Long Cloth. Exhibition of Batiks at the National Gallery of Victoria
1998 November, Indigenart Gallery
1998 June, Straight From the Heart, Glen Ira City Gallery, Melbourne, touring nationally
1998 ‘Corkwood Festival ‘, Alice Springs, NT
1998 Same But Different’ - SATEP Touring Exhibition, Regional South Australia.
Joint exhibition from Ernabella, Iwantja and Kaltjiti Art Centres.
1998 ‘Epic:State of the Art’, South Austrlian Country Arts Exhibition, Ceduna, SA
1998 ‘Desert Mob Show’ – Araluen – Alice Springs.
1998 General Exhibition at the ULURU-Kata -Tjuta Cultural Centre-July
1998 AP Sports and Cultural Festival – September.
1998 Desert Art Gallery, FoxStudio – November.
1997 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs
1997 ‘Corkwood Festival ‘, Alice Springs, NT.
1997 Kaltjiti Bizarre, Mutitjulu Cultural Centre, Ayers Rock
1996 February, Desart Exhibition, Fringe Festival, Adelaide SA.
1996 July C.A.A.A.C.E. Araluen Alice Springs.
1996 Indigenart Singapore; Paris, France, Milan, Italy
1996 Opera in the Outback, South Australia
1996 Central Australian Aboriginal Art Exhibition, Araluen Centre for the Arts, Alice Springs
1996 September, Great Lengths Central Australian Textile Exhibition, Araluen Alice Springs
1995 ‘Fabric of Life,’ Port Community Arts, Port Adelaide SA
1995 Indigenart Gallery, Perth WA
1995 Central Australian Aboriginal Arts and Craft Exhibition, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs 1994 Fringe Festival, Adelaide SA
1994 Central Australian Art and Craft Exhibition, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs NT
1993 ‘Women of Kaltjiti’, Nexus Gallery, Multicultural Artsworkers Union, Adelaide SA.
An exhibiton of Batik.
1993 Central Australian Aboriginal Arts and Craft Exhibition, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs NT 1993 Central Desert Silks, Rainbow Serpent Gallery, Sydney NSW
1992 Central Australian Aboriginal Art and Craft Exhibition, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs, NT
1992 February, Kyana Festival, Perth, WA

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