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Alison is third out of four generations of the Lionel family working at Ernabella Arts. her grandmother is very senior artist Pantjiti Lionel, her mother is 2015 Telstra tinalist Yurpiya Lionel and her sister is 2016 Telstra finalist Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel.
Alison is a versatile painter and ceramic artist and mother to four. Her work has appeared in exhibitions across Australia and internationally, ands its in the collection of the Arts Gallery of Western Australia.
In April 2017 she participated in an inter-generational collaborative painting teaching project. During the project Alison was mentored by senior artist Tjunkaya Tapaya and Tjariya Stanley.
2018 Hold our Connection to COuntry Strong for Malatja-malatja (future generations) Aboriginal Signature, Brussels, Belguim
2018 Knowing Country - Artitja Fine Art, South Fremantle NT
2018 Bold and Beautiful - Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs NT
2017 The Lionel Family: Tjukurpa tititjura ngaranyjaku | Keeping our Tjukurpa strong forever - Tunbridge Gallery, Subiaco
2017 Inuntjii – Regeneration - Aboriginal Signature, Estrangin gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium
2016 The Blooming Desert - Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs
Art Gallery of Western Australia

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