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At the time of writing this biography Brenton was unable to say the name of his birth place because men's business had recently been held there. Knowledge of men's business is not public information. As a child he went to school at the Ernabella Mission (Pukatja). Then as a young man he trained and worked as a carpenter. He worked as a stockman, did fencing at Mulga Park and Musgrave Park (now Amata). He helped build the boundary fence from Mulga Park to Alpara and rounded up the bullock (cattle) on horse. Brenton had never painted on canvas with acrylics before coming to Tjala Arts in February 2007. Brendan's wife is Iluwanti Ken, who he met at Pukatja. They have three children including Sylvia Ken, who like Iluwanti is an artist at Tjala Arts.

2018 Amata Imagined, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2018 Alcaston Gallery - Melbourne - Kulata Men's Painting
2017 OutStation Gallery, Darwin - Rising Stars 2018
2017 OutStation Gallery, Darwin - Rising Stars 2017
2016 Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Art Centre, Sydney - Nganampa Kililpil: Our Stars
2015 Art Gallery of Western Australian - Western Australian Indigenous Art Award 2015
2015 Short Street Gallery, Broome - Kwarila Tjunguringayi - All together now
2013 Araleun Galleries, Alice Springs - Desert Mob
2013 Outstation Gallery Darwin - Kunpu Pulka – Strong and Important
2013 Marshall Arts Gallery Adelaide - Manta wirunya mulapa. This beautiful Earth.
2012 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Uwankara kurunpa kutju-tjara- Our People One Soul
2011 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Anangu Maruku Mulapa: This is Our Real Way
2010 Marshall Arts, Adelaide - Ala Patingtjaku: Closing the Gap
2010 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - New Paintings by Tjala Men
2010 Outstation Gallery, Darwin - Tjukurpa Kunpu Nganana Kanyini Pulka: Our stories, We Hold Strong
2009 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Tjala Men featuring Tiger Palpatja
2007 Adelaide - Visions of Country: Seymour College art exhibition


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