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' I grew up and was born in Saddle Well. My mama (father's) country was IItar way. Strong country there for law and business. My mother's country is Kunnamatta. I was the first art man at Iwantja, long time ago when it all began. I spent my time as a little boy at Granite Downs. I went horse riding, bush camping and chased bullocks. We went on holidays lots. Later, when I grew up I learnt about stockman work and cattle. I was a stockman for a long time; we were all working really hard. I was riding in front mustering bullocks and breaking horses. I did lots of jobs at the station too, but always riding, doing stock work out in the country.

We've been teaching people the stories we have, and about our culture, and knowledge from our stockmen days - about riding horses and country. Sometimes we think who's going to run this place when we go away? they need to learn the lessons about country, and be strong to look after this place. I'm thinking when I make my paintings, how to make a good painting, a strong one. Sometimes I'm thinking about the colours, sometimes I'm just thinking from my memory all the country I've been at, all the stories I have.

I went to Adelaide, Canberra and Alice Springs for exhibitions. I like painting. Sometimes I do good ones, sometimes bad ones. I can do linocuts too. I am not allowed to to do Tjukurrpa (dreaming) designs so I paint patterns of country from my mind'


2017: NATSIAA, MAGNT, Darwin, NT
2017: Many Hands - Paintings from Iwantja, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2017: Adelaide Perry Prize of Drawing 2017, Adelaide perry Gallery, NSW
2016: Nganampa Kililpil - Our Stars, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea NSW
2016: Len Fox painting Award, shortlisted, Castlemaine Art Museum, Castlemaine
2016: Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2016: Mayatja Pulka (Big Boss), Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2016: Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award, shortlisted, Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory, Darwin
2016: Ngura: Country, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2015: SALT, McCulloch and McCulloch, Melbourne
2015: Nganampa Ngura, Nganampa Tjukurpa (Our Land, Our Stories) Artitja Fine Art, Perth
2015: TARNANTHI Art Fair, Tandanya Adelaide
2015: Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2015: Artitja Fine Art, Western Australia
2014: Tunbridge Gallery, Margaret River, Western Australia
2014: Artitja Fine Art, Western Australia
2014: Japingka, Perth Western Australia
2014: Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2014: Aboriginal Art from the Eastern APY Lands, Kelch Gallery, Freiburg Germany
2014: Songline Project, South Australian Museum, Adelaide
2014: Viscopy, Boomalli Art Gallery, Sydney
2014: Alice Art Prize, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2013: Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2013: Harvey Arts, Idaho, United States of America
2013: Japingka Gallery, Perth Western Australia
2013: APY Lands Survey Exhibition, Outstation, Darwin Northern Territory
2013: For Love of Country – Iwantja Artists, Tali Gallery Sydney
2013: Our Mob, Anita Chan Lai Ling Gallery, Hong Kong
2012: Mossenson Gallery, Perth Western Australia
2012: Gallery 139, Adelaide
2012: Tunbridge Gallery, Margeret River
2012: Raft Artspace, Alice Springs
2012: Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs
2012: Aboriginal Pacific Gallery, Sydney
2012: Mossenson Gallery, Perth
2011: Desert Mob, Alice Springs
2011: 'Mens Show', Gallery 139, Adelaide
2011: Booker Lowe Gallery, Houston Texas
2011: 'Mens Show', Mossenson Gallery, Melbourne
2010: Desert Mob, Alice Springs
2010: Gallery 139, Solo show, Adelaide
2010: Mossenson Gallery, Perth
2010: Tjukurpa Pulkatjara, Adelaide Festival Centre
2009: Desert Mob, Alice Springs
2009: Our Mob
2009: Seymour College
2009: Australia Dreaming Art Gallery, Melbourne
2008: Tandanya
2008: Desert Mob, Alice Springs
2008: Better World Art Gallery, Adelaide
2007: 'Skin to Skin', Canberra


2016 - Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs, NT
2016 - Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, NT
2012 - Artbank, Sydney NSW
1990 - Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, SA


2017 - Finalist, NATSIAA, MAGNT, Darwin, NT

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