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"My mother, my grandmother and my mother in law were all barkcloth painters and now I paint their designs. And like me,my daughter will learn the designs of our clans, I will teach her so that our traditions are carried on into the future"

Martha-Jean has been painting for Omie artists since 2010. Her mother was Martha Ruruve of Gorabuna village (Sahuote clan- Beriraje/Samwe sub-clan) and her father was Clement Towora of Enjoro village (Ina'e clan). As a young girl Martha-Jean would sit and watch her mother painting her barkcloths and has inherited her beautiful designs. When she married her husband Alfius, she also learnt designs from her mother-in-law Gununu Uhamo, who was a Misaje clanwoman. Martha has one daughter and one grandchild.


2018 Ömie Barkcloth Art - Papua New Guinea, Japingka Aboriginal Art, Perth
2018 Art of the Ömie, JGM Gallery, London, England
2017 Nom'e Javavamu Darugé I'jové (We Dance Our Designs To Life), ReDot Fine Art Gallery, Singapore
2016 The Sacred Mountain, Illuminated: Ömie Barkcloth Art of Papua New Guinea, Aboriginal Signature - Estrangin Fine Art, Brussels, Belgium
2016 Mionomehi Oriseegé (Ancestral Paths), Short Street Gallery, Broome
2015 Hijominöe Modéjadé (Guided by Ancestors): Ömie Artists 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane
2015 An Exploration of Bark (in association with Ömie Artists and Maningrida Arts & Culture), Outstation Gallery, Darwin
2015 Under the Volcano: Art of Ömie from Papua New Guinea, Museum Fünf Kontinente, Munich, Germany
2014 Das soll Kunst sein Vol. 12 (Ömie Artists presented by ArtKelch), Kunstverein, Freiburg, Germany
2014 Luminous Mountain, Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane
2014 Ömie Artists: Contemporary Tapa Art from Papua New Guinea, ArtKelch, Freiburg & Stuttgart, Germany
2014 To Dance in Beauty: Ömie Tapa from New Guinea, Blak Dot Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Suja’s Daughters, Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane
2013 Painted and Woven in Song: Ömie Barkcloths and Bilums, RAFT Artspace, Alice Springs
2013 Of Spirit and Splendour: Barkcloth Art of the Ömie, ReDot Fine Art Gallery, Singapore
2012 Nohi Dahoru’e - Nohi Nioge (Our Mountain - Our Art), The Depot Gallery, Sydney
2012 Art of the Ömie: Barkcloth Paintings from Papua New Guinea, Harvey Art Projects, Sun Valley ID, USA
2012 Nohi niogero aru’aho ma’ene munomehi jajuho (Our barkcloth holds the spirit of our culture), Raft Artspace, Alice Springs
2011 We hold our mother’s teachings in our hearts and hands, Short St. Gallery, Broome

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University of Queensland Anthropology Museum
Collection of Marta Rohatynskyj

natural pigments on nioge (women’s barkcloth skirts)

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