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Helen was born in 1973 in Alice Springs hospital over 600kms from her traditional country Cave Hill, near Amata, where she grew up. Cave Hill is the songline of the Seven Sisters' Tjukurpa; an important Dreaming site for the central desert people. Her family moved to Mutjitjulu at Uluru (Ayres Rock) where she worked as a guide for Anangu Tours. She taught visitors about Aboriginal culture and traditional food collection and preparation.

Today Helen lives with her mother Angkaliya Curtis at Nyapari Community. Located about 100kms south of Uluru, Nyapari is set at the base of the majestic Mann Ranges in the heart of country traditionally owned by the Pitjantjatjara people. These ranges known to Anangu as Murputja, likening the mountain to the bony ridge of a person’s spine, are the source of many water holes and traditional camping places.The homelands of Kanpi, Nyapari, Angatja, Umpukulu and Tjankanu have grown from these seasonal camping places into permanent settlements. Over fifty artists from Murputja joined together with family members living in traditional country 180kms to the south at Watarru and created Tjungu Palya (Good Together).

2017 PALYA: NYAPARI NOW, Short St Gallery, Broome WA
2017 ‘Ngayulu Mantangka Walkatjunanyi’ Outstation Gallery Darwin.2017Empirantes Eternales, Aboriginal Signature Brussels.
2016 Desert Mob 2016, Aralven Cultural Precinct, Alice Springs.
2016 Good Together, Short St Gallery. Broome, WA
2014 The Womens Show, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2014 The Bold and the Beautiful, Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs
2014 Tjukutjuku walka walka walka walka walka pulka tjurkurpa, Outstation, Darwin, NT 2013 Tjungu Palya, Marshall Arts, Adelaide, SA
2013 Rising Stars, Oustation Gallery, Darwin, NT
2013 APY Lands Survey Exhibition, Outstation Gallery, Darwin, NT
2013 Minymaku Ara - Womens Way, Viven Anderson Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria. 2013 Tjukurpa Wangka: Storytellers. Short St Gallery , Broome, WA.
2013 New Paintings Chapman Gallery,Canberra.
2012 Desert Mob
2012 Aralven Cultural Precinct, Alice Springs.
2011 Ngura Tjukuritja - A Dreaming Place Marshall Arts, Adelaide, South Australia.
2010 Partnerships Marshall Arts, Adelaide, South Australia
2010 Tjungu Palya Survey Show Short St Gallery, Broome, Western Australia
2010 Tjukurpa Outstation Gallery, Darwin, Northern Territory.
2009 Alwara-wara - Side by Side Outstation, Darwin, Northern Territory.
2009 Anangu Backyard Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, South Australia

Cave Hill - Seven Sisters' Tjukurpa



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Outstation catalogue, Darwin, 2010.
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