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Diane was born in the bush at a waterhole called Katartirn near Warburton in 1966. She went to school in Warburton and travelled between Warburton, Docker River and Warakurna as a young woman. She attended high school for three years in Kalgoorlie. Her mother is the well-known painter Carol Golding and her father was Billy Golding. She has two sons, Mark and Milton who were born in 1985 and 1982 respectively. Dianne now lives in Warakurna community, Western Australia and is surrounded by her grandchildren. Warakurna is located approximately 800 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs and 1700 kilometres north-east of Perth and has a population of approximately 200 Ngaanyatjarra people. As such, Dianne is fluent in both Ngaanyatjarra and English.

Diane is an accomplished weaver who makes both baskets and sculptures. She has been making baskets for a number of years and first learnt rom her relatives at Warakurna. She enjoys to experiment with different shapes as she says 'some like long piti, some round like the sun'. She made her first sculptural piece in 2006, a camel, which was exhibited at the Araluen Centre in Alice Springs. She has since made a large number of sculptural pieces drawing on animals prevalent in Ngaanyatjarra Lands as inspiration, whether they be 'camp dogs' on the community or goannas, porcupines, or rabbits hunted out bush.

As well as being an established fibre artist Dianne is also a proficient painter and is represented by Warakurna Artists. In her paintings she depicts a story from her grandfather's country, Karrku, about a blind emu. She also translates the story of this ancestral bird to represent it in her fibre sculptures.

Fibre sculpture, coiled bush baskets

2018 Revealed emerging Indigenous artists of WA - April
2017 Flight Exhibition, FORM Gallery, Perth WA - April
2016 Desert Mob 2016, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs NT - September
2016 Vincent Lingiari Art Award - September
2015 Desert Mob 2015, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs NT - September
2014 Bush Life, Nomad Art Gallery, Darwin NT - August
2013 String Theory, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney NSW - August
2013 Fingers and Petals- The Handmade Flower Show, The Gallery Edenbrook WA
2012 Way Out West: New Works from the Western Desert Mob, Raft Artspace, Alice Springs - November
2012 Purnu, Tjanpi, Canvas: Art of the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth
2012 Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay (Online), Sydney
2011 History Paintings: all the Stories got into our Minds and Eyes, Outstation: Art from Art Centres, Darwin
Revealed: Emerging Aboriginal Artists from Western Australia 2011, Gallery Central, Central Institute of Technology
2010 Warakurna ARtists and Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2007 Palyyaralatju Pirrtja Puru Tjanpi Tjarra Puli Yuliyala: We Are Making Painting and Tjanpi in Puli Yuliya, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
2006 Desert Mob, Araluen Cnetre, Alice Springs



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