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Yaritji Young is a senior law woman and is committed to fostering law and culture. Yaritji was born in Ernabella, South Australia and now resides at Rocket Bore, a homeland north of Amata in Northern Australia. Her works are drawn from the Tjala (Honey Ant) Dreaming.

Yaritji learnt how to make baskets at Amata and like her other Pitjantjatjara relatives probably learnt it from her Western Australian Ngaanyatjarra relatives when they were visiting in the late nineties. Her style is very creative and she has made a wide variety of humorous objects such as small trucks and camp crockery. Her most favoured objects though are the very large low rimmed baskets decorated with emu feathers. She is also a painter.
Yaritji Young is a traditional owner for Tjala Tjukurpa, near Amata. She paints the rock holes and landmarks of her country, entwined with icons and traditional marks that relate to inma (dance) and tjukurpa (dreaming). The twisted lines and shapes mimic tunnels and formations made by the tjala honey ant.
"My paintings are of my country; my father's country, my grandmother's country, the tjala country. Everything that my grandmother taught me, I'm teaching to my children now. They dance because I have shared what I got from my grandmother with my granddaughters , so they can know their culture."

Acrylic, pencil and ink, bush baskets, fibre sculpture

2018 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, Yaritju Young,; Ngayuku Ngura
2017 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Yaritju Young, Walytjapitiku Laina

2018 Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin - 35th Telstra National indigenous Art Award Finalsit
2018 Jan MurphyGallery, Brisbane, Seven Sisters Exhibition
2018 Art Gallery of South Australia, Divided Wolrds, Adelaide Biennial of Art
2018 Wynne Prize Finalist, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW
2017 Art Gallery of South Australia, Tarnanthi Festival, Art Gallery of South Australia Indigenous Art Salon
2017 - NATSIAA, MAGNT, Darwin, NT
2017 - Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW
2017 - Kulini - Listen, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2016 - Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Art Centre, Sydney - Nganampa Kililpil: Our Stars
2016 - Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory - 33rd Telstra National Indigenous Art Award Finalist
2016 - Art Gallery of New South Wales - Wynne Prize
2016 - Art Gallery of New South Wales - Wynne Prize
2016 - Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney - 2016 Seven Sisters
2015 - Short Street Gallery, Broome - Kwarila Tjunguringayi - All together now
2015 - OutStation Gallery, Darwin - Tjukurpa, Ngura, Waltja - Culture, Country, Family
2014 - Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs - Desert Mob
2013 - Araleun Galleries, Alice Springs - Desert Mob
2013 - Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory - 30th Telstra National Indigneous Art Award Finalist
2013 - Outstation Gallery Darwin - APY Lands Survey Exhibition 2013
2013 - Aboriginal & Pacific Art - Sydney - 2013 Tjukurpa nganampa kunpu kanyintjaku: Stories that keep culture strong
2013 - Outstation Gallery Darwin - Kunpu Pulka – Strong and Important
2013 - Marshall Arts Gallery Adelaide - Manta wirunya mulapa. This beautiful Earth
2012 - RAFT Artspace, Alice Springs - Punu Ngura - From the trees
2012 - Marshall Arts, Adelaide - Tjala Arts: New Work
2012 - Outstation Gallery, Darwin - Ngura ngura munu malaku ngura kutu - From home and returning home
2012 - Short St Gallery, Broome - One Song Different Tune
2012 - Aboriginal & Pacific Art, Sydney - Tjungu Kutju-tu (Together As One) – Tjala Arts & Tjungu Palya
2011 - Aboriginal & Pacific Art, Sydney - Ngura wiru mulapa (Beautiful Country)
2011 - ARTKELCH, Leipzig, Germany - Pro Community – Western APY Lands
2011 - Short St Gallery, Broome - Tjala Artists 2011
2011 - Outstation Gallery, Darwin - Nganampa Kampatjanka Uungutja- Beneath our Canvas
2011 - Raft Artspace, Alice Springs - I Hold My Fathers Story. I Hold My Mothers Story
2011 - Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne - Emerging Artists from Tjala Arts & Kaltjiti Arts
2011 - Chapman Gallery, Canberra - Tjala Arts New Paintings
2011 - Marshall Arts, Adelaide - Tjala Arts New Works
2010 - Tjala Arts and Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne VIC
2010 - Recent Works from Warakurna Artists and Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Short St Gallery, Broome WA
2010 - RAFT Art Space, Alice Springs - APY & NPY Survey Exhibition
2010 - Araleun Galleries, Alice Springs - Desert Mob
2010 - Outstation Gallery, Darwin - Tjukurpa kunpu nganana kanyini pulka – Our stories, we hold strong
2009 - Kuru Alala, Gold Coast City Art Gallery
2009 - Walka Putitja, Short St. Gallery, Broome, WA
2009 - Outstation Gallery, Darwin - Tjala Arts Group Show
2006 - Tjanpi Tjuta, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney, NSW
2004 - Museum & Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin - Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award
2004 - Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide - Looking after country: Manta Atunymankunytja
2004 - Fremantle Arts Centre, WA - 29th Annual Shell Fremantle Print Award
2003 - Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs - Desert Mob
2003 - Raintree Gallery, Darwin - Ngura-Tjanpi Desert Spinifex Country; works by Anangu Pitjantjatjara artists
2000 - Tandanya, Adelaide - Irititja Munu Kuwaritja Tjukurpa (Stories from the past and present)

Acquired by MAGNT for the Telstra Collection, Darwin, NT
Art Gallery of South Australia
GOMA- Queensland Art Gallery
National Heritage Board, Singapore Art Museum
NATSIAA - Awards 2013

2015 - Ken Family work on show at OutStation Gallery, The Australian - Nicholas Rothwell - 22 May
2014 - Hope in the Red Heart, The Advertiser - Sally Brooks - 17 August
2003 - Sotheby’s Marn Grook Auction, Museum of Contemporary

2018 Wynne Prize Finalist
2018 Telstra Prize Finalist
2017 - Finalist, NATSIAA, MAGNT, Darwin, NT
2017 - Wynne Prize Finalist
2016 - Wynne Prize Winner
2013 - Telstra Pize Finalist

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