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Josephine Watjari Mick was born in 1955 to revered artist Kuntjiriya Mick, at a site near Pukatja (Ernabella). She grew up mostly in the eastern APY Lands and has strong family ties in this area. When she was a young girl, Josephine had a vivid dream in which she saw a bright tongue of fire. In the dream, she walked towards the fire and thought she had burnt her hands, but when she woke up, she realised her hands were hot. Shortly after, Josephine started working as a Ngangkari (or traditional healer). She believes that her dream had given her the power to do so. She has mostly focussed her healing work on women and children. During the homelands movement of the 1970s, Josephine moved to Pipalyatjara, where she still resides today. As well as being a Ngangkari (traditional healer), Josephine is very involved in cultural business. She is also an active member in the Ninuku and has held the role of director several times. Josephine’s painting style is distinctive to say the least. Her works take an unusually long time to create, due to the thick layering of dots she creates in a variety of sizes and colours. Her palette is inspired by the desert flowers and plants from the area.



Group Exhibitions

2017 - Jimmy Donegan and Company, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2017 - Ninuku Prints
2016 - Desart Mob, Araluen
2015 - Our Mob
2011 - Ngura Wirukanyanku - This is a Beautiful Place, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2011 - Ngura Kalatjara - Land and Colour, AP Bond Gallery, Adelaide
2010 - Warka Kuwari Walkatjunanyi - New Paintings by the Artists of Ninuku, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
2010 - Kulinpa Tjuta Paintimilani - Lots of Small Paintings, Short Street Gallery, Broome, WA
2010 - Desert Mob 2010, Araluen, Alice Springs
2009 - Desert Mob 2009, Araluen, Alice Springs
2009 - Ninuku Artists print exhibition ‘Pirinyi’, Nomad Art Gallery
2009 - Ninuku Artists 'Ngintaka Tjukurpa: Perentie Lizard Dreaming', Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2009 - Ngura Tjuta - Big Country, Short Street Gallery, Broome
2009 - Kulila Nganampa Tjukurpa. Listen to our Stories. Chapman Gallery, Canberra.
2008 - Diva's of the Desert, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs
2008 - Ninuku Arts Inaugural Sydney Show, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney, NSW
2008 - Pirinyi, Prints from Ninuku Arts Artists, Australian Print Workshop Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2008 - Big Country, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs


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