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Harry was born circa 1930 at Walytjatjara north east of Pipalyatjara, near the tristate border of South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia. He is a Pitjantjara speaking Ngankari, traditional healer and senior law man. He has a grown family and is twice widowed.

Harry's country is near Mt Davies in the north-west corner of South Australia close to the Western Australia and Northern Territory borders and that is where he was born in the bush. He came in to Ernabella as a young man and was educated at the Ernabella mission school. As a young adult he took an active part in the life of the newly settled community, working on bore sinking, fencing, gardening, and with the sheep which the mission ran to pay its way, and provide the medical services and education which were the purpose of the mission's foundation in 1937. Later Harry moved back to the far north-west with his family, living mostly in and around Wingellina in Western Australia, and Pipalyatjara on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands.

Harry began painting in 2005 at Ernabella before moving to Pipalyatjara in 2008 where he paints at Ninuku. Harry paints a few favourite dreamtime stories including Wati Wanka: Spider man; Wati Nyiru, the man who chases the seven sisters; Wati Malu and the Kungka Mingakri's, the kangaroo man and the female mice. He also paints Kunka Tjuta, young girls doing milpatjunanyi, the traditional way of telling stories in the sand.

His whimsical themes, combined with a masterful use of brush, has quickly positioned Harry as one of the most highly sought-after artists at Ninuku. He is one of the greatest characters in the community with a wonderful sense of humour and a big laugh!

"Old generation are here now and I am old generation too. Lot's of old generation have passed away. What are you going to do? What happens when I pass away?...New generation got to learn Tjukurpa." (Harry Tjutjuna)


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2016 - Ninuku Tjuta
2016 - Kala ngura ngayuku Colours of my home/country
2015 - Ninuku Tjuta
2015 - Ninuku Tjuta
2015 - Ninuku Tjuta
2015 - Araluen
2015 - Salon des Refusés – Darwin Festival
2014 - Ninuku Group Exhibition, Idaho, U.S.A.
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2013 - Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
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2013 - Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
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2005 - Anangu Backyard, Adelaide Festival Centre, SA


Kungka Tjuta, Mututa, Ngintaka, Wati Nyiru, Wati Wanka: Spider Man


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