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Mick grew up in Amata. Mick said, 'Amata his country'. When he was a young man, Mick worked as a cattleman, 'ringer' or stockman at various cattlestations in the region, including Curtain Springs Station which is approximately 130 km north of Amata, around Alice Springs and Timber Creek. Mick said (referring to Timber Creek), "getting that bullock - good work there!" Mick said, "workin' at station, riding horse, breakin' horse, makin' fence, tank, windmill. He also worked at Kenmore Park, east of Amata and Kalka, west of Amata when the land belonged to the Whitefellas, before it was returned to Anangu Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara. He said he was asked to come back to Musgrave Park Station (now Amata) to work because he was a good worker. Mick said when he finished working he 'stopped' back at Amata, "young fella then, married that woman". Mick had never painted using acrylic and canvas before coming to work at Tjala Arts (formerly Minymaku Arts).

Acrylic on canvas

2018 Alcaston Gallery - Melbourne - MICK WIKILYIRI AND YARITJI YOUNG
2017 Art Gallery of South Australia - TARNANTHI FESTIVAL - Art Gallery of South Australia Indigenous Art Salon
2017 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - MICK WIKILYIRI AND PANINY MICK 2017
2017 Kulini- Listen, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2016 Ngura - Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2016 Hazelhusrt Regional Gallery And Art Centre, Sydney, NSW, Ngamumpa Kiliili, Our Stars
2015 Art Gallery of South Australia - TARNANTHI FESTIVAL - Kulata Tjuta Inma, Government House, Adelaide
2015 Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory - 32nd Telstra National Indigenous Art Award Finalist
2015 Art Gallery of Western Australian - Western Australian Indigenous Art Award 2015
2015 Kwarila Tjunguringanyi - All Together Now, Short St Gallery, Broome WA
2014 AGSA - 2014 Adelaide Biennale - DARK HEART
2014 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Mickynya Kutju - Mick Wikilyiri Solo Exhibition 2014
2012 RAFT Artspace, Alice Springs - Punu Ngura - From the trees
2012 Short Street Gallery, Perth - Tjala Arts New Works
2012 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - Uwankara kurunpa kutju-tjara- Our People One Soul
2012 Marshall Arts, Adelaide - Tjala Arts New Works
2012 Outstation Galery, Darwin - Ngura ngura munu malaku ngura kutu - From home and returning home
2012 Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne - Kunpu munu ninti pilulka - Nyangatja anangu tjuta ku minyma ku way. Strong and Wise -This is the way of Anangu Women
2011 Raft Artspace Alice Springs - I Hold My Mothers Story. I Hold My Fathers Story.
2011 OutStation Gallery, Darwin - Nganampa Kampatjanka Uungutja- Behind our Canvas
2011 Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney - Ngura Wiru Mulapa- Our Beautiful Country
2010 Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne - New Paintings by Tjala Men
2011 Tjala Artists 2011, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2010 Tjala Arts Ala Patintjaku - Tjala Arts Closing the Gap, Marshall Arts, Adelaide, SA
2010 Desert Mob 2010, Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs, NT
2010 New Paintings by Tjala Men, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, Vic
2007 Nyangatja nganampa tjukurpa: These are our stories, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, Vic
2006 Tjala Arts: SALA Festival, Art Images, Adelaide, SA
2006 Utulu kuwaritja Amatala nguru: New mob from Amata, Red Dot Gallery, Singapore
2005 Waku Kunpu: Strong Work, Bandigan Art
2005 Amata watiku tjukurpa wiru: Good stories from Amata men, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
2005 Minymaku Arts: SALA Festival, Art Images, Adelaide, SA
2005 Minymaku Arts: Emerging Artists From Amata, Indigenart, Fremantle, WA

National Gallery of Victoria
Merenda Collection

2015 Telstra Prize Finalist

2015 Ken Family work on show at Outstation Gallery. The Australian - Nicholas Rothwell, 22 May

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