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Myra Cook was born at Kartjinguku Creek, near Warankurna in the east Gibson Desert, Western Australia. As a child she travelled through her father's country near Kulail, Tjukurla, Docker Rivers and Warakurna. These places are recognised as the border of the Northern Territory and western Australia. Her mother remarried and the family began to move westward into her step-fathers country near Wanarn and then to Warburton Mission, It was in Warburton where Myra met her her husband. They soon left Warburton to travel to her husbands mother's country near Mantamary where her first son was born. Myra lived in Blackstone and Wanarn for many years. Myra worked with the Warburton Arts Project before she began to paint with Warakurna Artist in mid 2005. She rapidly received acclaim as one of its senior artists. Myra Cook paints important Ngaanyatjarra stories from her mother's and father's country.

synthetic polymer paint on canvas

Kartjinguku Creek, Birthing place
Kungkarangkalpa Tjukurrpa

2006 Pukurlpatulatju Palyara Pirrtja 'We are happy to make painting', Randell Lane Fine Art, Perth
2006 Rawa-latju Nintirringkulatjaku, Knowing is the future, Warakurna artists Group Exhibition, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
2006 Desert Mob, Araluen Cultural Centre, Alice Springs, NT
2006 Tjukurrpa Tjarralatju Palyara Mularapa - We paint really strong stories. Warakurna Artists Group exhibition, Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney
2007 Kutju - One, Western Desert Mob Ngaanyatjarra Lands Regional Exhibition, Lawrence Wilson Gallery, Perth
2007 Tjukurrpa Mularrpa Waylkumunu Pirni, Lots of Good True Stories, Randell Lane Fine Art Gallery
2007 Tjukurtjalatju Palyarra: 'We are Painting our Stories', Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney
2007 Power and Beauty - Indigenous Art Now, Heide Museum of Contemporary Art, Melbourne
2008 Watilu Minymalu Kulira Watjarra Tjukurrpa Purlkanya Mularrpa: 'Men and Women Know and Speak of Their Profound Knowledge', Randell Lane Fine Arts, Perth
2008 Kaparli Tjamu Nintipungku: 'This is the Deep Knowledge Our Old People Gave Us", Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
2008 Warakurna Artists and wanarn Aged Care Paintings, Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney
2009 Desert Mob, Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs
2010 Tjukurpa Pulkatjara: 'The Power of the Law', South Australia Museum
2010 Warakurna Artists and Tjanpi Desert Weavers Exhibition, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2010 Desert MOb 2010, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs, ACt
2011 Warakurna Artists, Galerie Kungka and IDAIA, Maison des Arts Plastiques Rhone-Alpes, Lyon, France
2011 Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney
2011 Desert Mob, Aruluen Centre, Alice Springs, ACt
2012 Warakurna and Wanarn Group Show, Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney
2012 Purnu, Tajnpi and canvas, Lawerence Wilson Gallery, UWA, WA
2013 Wanarn, Ngaanyatjarra works on board, Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney, NSW
2013 The Wild Ones, paintings from the Western Desert Mob and Spinifex Art Project, Raft Artspace, Alice Springs, ACT
2013 Desert Boards, Warakurna, Wanarn & Kayili, Raft Artspace, Alice Springs, ACT
2015 Tunbridge Gallery, Perth, WA
2015 Ngaanyatarra Group show
2015 Palya: Martumilli Artists, Tjarlirli Art and Warakurna Artists of WA
2015 Painters of Place and Time, Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney, NSW

The National Gallery of Victoria
Lagerberg Swift Collection
The Marshall Collection
The Merenda Collection

2006 Review. Desert Mob 2006 exhibition. The desert's tainted brush by Nicholas Rothwell, The
11th September 2006
2006 Review. Desert Mob 2006 exhibition. The desert's tainted brush by Nicholas Rothwell

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