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REGION: Melville Island
DOMICILE: Milikapiti
COUNTRY: Tamulampi (Cape Gambier)
DANCE: Tartuwali (Shark)

Dymphna Kerinauia was born in the bush at Paru, Melville Island, on the Apsley Strait opposite the mission on Bathurst Island. Her mother was sister to Kitty Dymphna came to live at Milikapiti as a young girl, where she married and raised a family. Dymphna Kerinauia is one of a large family of artists. She is the niece of the late highly acclaimed artist Kitty Kantilla (c. 1928 - 2003). In Tiwi culture, the daughter of a sibling is considered to be also one's own daughter. Dymphna started painting at Jilamara in 2000 and was greatly influenced by watching an old lady, who would sit in her special chair in the same spot in the painting workshop every working day. "I used to sit with the old lady. Old lady would paint stories a lot about food, hunting. I paint body design, jilamara. When I was little I learn from old lady when she was staying at Paru (small community on Melville Island). She told me things, like she made cemetery pole for man and women. She made a dot then a line. She wanted me to learn too. Old lady used stick, but I now use brush." Her talent was recognised and encouraged by the art co-ordinator and she has developed her own unique style.


2002 Pwoja amintiya Mulipininni, RAFT Artspace, Darwin
2003 Kuturkuni Amintiya Tapulunni, RAFT Artspace, Darwin
2003 One Voice, Two Islands, Three Communities, Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2003 Tiwi, Indigenart, Perth
2003 Alliance Francaise Gallery, Canberra 24 - 29 October in association with Chapman Gallery
2003 Let Keep Our Art Strong: Recent works from the Jilamara Artists, Raft Artspace, Darwin
2004 Tiwi Ochre 2, Indigenart, Perth
2004 Living Tiwi: Tiwi Awuta Yimpanguwi, Museum fur Volkerkunde, Hamburg, Germany in association with Jilamara Arts and Crafts
2004 Milikapiti Turtiyanginari: Milikapiti Ochre, RAFT Artspace, Darwin
2005 Living Tiwi: Tiwi Awuta Yimpanguwi, Galerie Dad, Mantes-La-Jolie, France
2005 Yirrarra - Kulama amintiya Pukumani, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
2006 Peter Baile Art Award, Flinders University Art Musuem, Adelaide
2006 Awirakini Jilamara, Suzanne O'Connell Gallery, Brisbane
2006 Yirrajirrima murrakupuni ngawurraningimarri, Tiwi Art Network, Darwin
2006 Jilamara: New etchings from Melville Island, Northern Editions, Darwin
2006 Jilamara: New etchings from Melville Island, Northern Editions, Alison Kelly Gallery, Melbourne
2006 Jilamara Tiwi, Soma Galleries, Adelaide
2006 Jilamara works on paper, Sofitel, Melbourne
2006 Ngawila jilamara: Our Design, Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney
2007 Earth on Paper 1, Seva Frangos Art, Perth
2008 Jilamara - Paintings and Carvings, Hogarth Gallery, Sydney
2009 Mukumuwu, To Be Together, Tiwi Art Network, Darwin
2009 Wulikija Jilamara, Northern Editions, Charles Darwin University, Darwin
2009 Jilamara Kangi, Colour on Paper, Tunbridge Gallery, Margaret River
2010 Kumunupunari - Season of the Smoke, Tiwi Art Network, Darwin
2010 Nginimuwila Jilamara - Our Design, Grafton Regional Gallery
2011 Yingarti Jilamara, Marianne Newman Gallery, Sydney
2011 Nginimuwila kurrujipini - Our Colour, Tiwi Art Network, Darwin
2011 Awirankini Jilamara, Short St Gallery, Broome
2016 Ngawawila Jilamara, Double Hilton Tree, Darwin, NT
2017 Yirringinkiri Pwoja, Hilton Double Tree, Darwin, NT
2017 Mamirnikiwi Jilamara, Short Street Gallery, Broome, WA


Levi-Kaplan Collection, Seattle, USA


Living Tiwi: Tiwi Awuta Yimpangui, Jilamara Arts and Crafts, 2004
Nginimuwila Jilamara - Our Design - Jilamara Arts and Crafts Catalogue, 2010

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