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Artist's statement:
"I was born at Kurtal Jila. There is living water there. Kurtal is near Billiluna. When I was a young girl, I walked with my mother a long way to Lake Gregory. After this, when I was still young, I walked again with my parents to Louisa Downs station. We walked all morning and afternoon. We ate bush tucker. Billy Goat Cox was the manager of the station when I was there. I saw a motor car for the first time at Lousia Downs Station. I was frightened of it. I thought that it would shoot me!"

2006 Solo Show, Short st. Gallery, Broome, WA

2005 Jiljiangka Marnin: women from the sandhills, with Mona Chuguna & Dolly Snell, Alcaston
Gallery, Melbourne, Vic
2004 This is still my country: 10 years on, Perth International Arts Festival, Perth, WA
2004 Ngurrara Canvas, Perth Concert Hall, Perth International Arts Festival, Perth, WA
2004 Melbourne Art Fair, Mangkaja Arts and Raftspace, Darwin, ACT
2003 Waterholes, Raft Artspace & Grantpirrie Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2003 Mangkaja Marninwarnti, Raft Artspace, Darwin, NT
2003 Jila, Jumu, Jiwari & Wirrkuja, Cullity Gallery, UWA, Perth, WA
2003 Fitzroy Fusions, Raft Artspace, Darwin, ACT
2002 Recent Works from Mangkaja, Short st. Gallery, Broome, WA
2002 Short on Size, Short st. Gallery, Broome, WA
2001 Ngurrara Canvas, National Gallery of Australia, ACT
2001 Fitzroy Women, Short st. Gallery, Broome, WA
2001 Mangkaja: Ten Year Anniversary, Tandanya, Adelaide, SA
2001 Short on Size, Short st. Gallery, Broome, WA
2000 Past Modern, Short st. Gallery @ Australia Square, Sydney, NSW
2000 Short on Size, Short st. Gallery, Broome, WA
1999 Short on Size, Short st. Gallery, Broome, WA
1999 Ngurrara, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle, WA
1999 Story Boards: ceramic tiles from the Kimberley, Fremantle Art Centre, Fremantle, WA
1998 Heritage Commission Art Award, Old Parliament House, Canberra, ACT
1996 Group Show, Hogarth Gallery, Sydney, NSW
1996 Group Show, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, UK
1995 Group Show, Australian Perspectives Gallery, Brisbane,QLD
1995 Kimberley Art, Melbourne, Vic
1994 Ngajakura Ngurrara Minyarti: this is my country, Festival of Perth Exhibition, Artplace
Gallery, Perth, WA
1993 Images Of Power, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Vic
1993 Mangkaja Women, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth, WA
1992 Karrayill, Tandanya, Adelaide, SA
1992 Group Show, Hogarth Gallery, Sydney, NSW

2003 "Martuwarra and Jila, Jumu, Jiwari and Wirrkuja," exhibition catalogue Cullity Gallery, UWA,
Mankgaja Resource Centre
2003 "The Painted Desert: the fate of an Aboriginal Masterpiece, New Yorker Magazine, July 28,
2002 "Kurtal: Snake Spirit," Video documentary, ABC TV
2001 "Painting Up Big: The Ngurrara Canvas," Kaltja Now National Aboriginal Cultural Institute,
Tandanya, SA
2000 The Art of Place 5th National Indigenous Heritage Art Award, Heritage Commission
2000 Ngurrara Entry, Oxford Companion to Aboriginal Art, Oxford University Press & ANU
2000 "Karrayili: the history of Karrayili" adult education centre, IATSIS, Canberra
1998 Jila Painted waters of the Great Sandy Desert, Video/ Documentry, SBS TV
1994 Ngajkura Ngurrara Minyarti, This is My Country Exhibition catalogue
1993 "Mangkaja Women," exhibition catalogue, Fremantle Art Centre, WA
1991 "Karrayili:10 years on," exhibition catalogue

Art Gallery of New South Wales
National Gallery of Australia
National Gallery of Victoria

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