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My country is Japirnka, I was born and grew up there. My brother Kurrapa, Peter Skipper was born there too. My name Walka comes from this place. I was born right there in the middle of that jila (waterhole). I am the oldest of my family left now. I walked all around this country with my grandmother until I found my promised husband. i had my first child Amy before I came out from the desert.


1992 Group Show, Hogarth Gallery, Sydney
1994 Ngajakura Ngurrara Minyarti, this is my country, Festival of Perth, Artplace Gallery
1995 Kimberley Art, Melbourne
1995 National Aboriginal Art Award, Selected to Hang, NT Art Gallery, Darwin
1996 Group show, Hogarth Gallery, Sydney
1996 Minyarti Wangki Ngajukura Ngurrarajangka; This is the word from my country, Australian Perspectives Gallery, Brisbane
1997 National Aboriginal Art Awards, Northern Territory Art Gallery, Darwin
1997 Group Show, Hogarth Gallery, Sydney
1998 Group show, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
1999 Ngurrrara, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle
1999 Short on Size, Short st. Gallery, Broome
2000 Short on Size, Short st. Gallery, Broome
2000 Past Modern, Short st Gallery @ Australia Square, Sydney
2001 Ngurra Canvas, National Gallery of Australia
2001 Alice.Fitzroy@AF, alliance Francais, Canberra
2001 Fitzroy Wome, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2001 Mangkaja Arts Ten Years On, Mangkaja's 10 year Anniversary Show, Tandanya, Adelaide
2001 Short on Size, Short St. Gallery, Broome
2002 Group Show, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne,
2002 Strength of Line Dryponts and Etchings from the NYU Collectin, NTU Darwin
2002 Short on Size, Short St. Gallery, Broome
2002 Recent Work from Mangkaja, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2003 Mangkaja Women, Raft Artspace, Darwin
2003 jila, Jumu, Jiwari & Wirrkuja, University of Western Australia


1994 Ngajakura Ngurrara Minyarti, This is my country exhibition catalogue
1996 Minyarti Wangki Ngajukura Ngurrarajangka, this is the word from my country Exhibition Catalogue
1998 jIla Painted Waters of the Great Sandy Desert video Documentary / SBS Television
2000 Oxford Companion to Aboriginal Art Ngurrara entry.
2001 Alice.Fitzroy @af, Exhibition Catalogue


National Gallery of Victoria
Karrayili Adult Education Centre
Museum and Gallery of Northern Territory.

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