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Ngarrangarni /Totem: Hill kangaroo, wedge tailed eagle

Gordon was born and grew up on Alice Downs Station. His father taught him how to do stock work and he became known as a skilled horse-breaker and buckjumper (Rodeo rider).

When he was working on Mabel Downs Station he met Shirley Purdie who became his wife. Shirley is a well known senior Warmun artist who encouraged Gordon to paint his country. Gordon started painting in 1998, often painting various hill lines located in his traditional country. Barney's sense of concentration and focus on country are often reflected in these landscapes.
An interesting aspect of Barney's work is that while he is working out bush as a stockman, he will often carry with him a saddle bag that he relegates to ochre collection. So at the end of his mustering stint, he will have a bagful of ochres that he has sourced as he has been riding through his country. His choice and application of ochres are unique to his paintings.

Gordon continues to work as a stockman and is well known in Warmun Community as a strong law and culture man and as an important ceremonial dancer.


Natural Ochre and Pigments on Canvas


Ngarrangkarni ( Dreaming) stories from Birrno- Alice Downs Station Country
Landforms and interpretations of country in Birrno
Station life on Alice Downs Station
Massacre stories from the south side of Purnululu


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1999 Short St Gallery, Broome, WA


Kerry Stokes Collection
Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki
Private Collections in Australia, Germany & USA

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