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I was born near marsh country along the Canning Stock Route. While I was still young I moved to Cherrabun station. I was already a widow when I first came from the desert. I was married very young and my first husband died in the desert.

Paji said "Jimmy Pike is my nephew. He had been to see the station and he came to take us back there. We were frightened of the kartiya (whiteman) so we camped away from the station for a while. I worked on the station washing clothes, cooking at the stock camp. Jupurr is the name of the waterhole in my mother's, father's and grandfather's country. "

Paji passed away in 2004.


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1992 Group Show Hogarth Gallery, Sydney
1993 Mangkaja Women Tandanya, Adelaide
1993 images of Power: Aboriginal Art from the Kimberley, National Gallery Victoria
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2002 Group Show, Flinders Land Gallery, Melbourne
2002 Strength of line,drypoints and etchings from the NYU collection, NTU, Darwin
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2002 Short on Size, Short St Gallery, Broome
2003 Waterhole, Raft artspace, Darwin
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2003 National Aboriginal Torres Strait islander Art Award, Museum and Art gallery of the NT
2003 Jilla, Jumu, Jiwan & Wirrkuja, University of Western Australia, Wa
2004 This is Still My Country 10 Years On, Perth International Arts Festival, Artplace, Perth


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